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Desi Beauty Hacks



If you?re anything like me, when winter rolls around, your beauty regimen goes into hibernation- who?s going to brave the elements to run down to the salon for a mani-pedi or facial? But with these homemade desi beauty hacks you won?t need to venture further than your kitchen cupboard to keep you looking hot this winter.

Now I know what you?re thinking- ?eh? desi beauty treatments, how good are they really?? Well, since each remedy consists of 4 or less ingredients that are readily available in most South Asian homes, what have you really got to lose?

Importantly, anybody who has damaged, sensitive or acne prone skin should not try any treatment, including natural homemade remedies, without consulting their doctor or dermatologist first. Everybody else, feel free to pamper yourselves.


img scr= indian-fashion-and-beauty-blog alt= indian fashion and beauty blogHAIR-

1. Desi ghee (clarified butter) is a staple in most South Asian kitchens and a key ingredient in many natural remedies, including a few given below. It?s worth making a jar and storing in your cupboard (here?s how to make it). For split-ends remedy, warm a little desi ghee and apply to the ends of your hair. Leave for at least an hour and then wash off.

2. To reduce hair fall boil coconut oil with 7-8 curry leaves, a black residue will form on top, apply this to your hair and leave overnight- this also fights greys.

3. For an all over conditioning hair mask, add the juice of 1? potatoes to a teaspoon of honey and a little water and mix. Apply to damp hair and leave for at least 30 mins before washing.


img scr= desi-beauty alt= desi beautyEYES-

1. To keep your eyes bright and moisturised this winter massage the skin around the eye area and lid with desi ghee and leave overnight2.

2. To reduce dark circles, put used tea bags into ice water and then leave on your eyes for 20 mins.




img scr= desi-beauty-indian-beauty-tips alt= desi beauty indian beauty tipsLIPS-

1. Desi ghee (clarified butter) makes a great moisturising lip balm- put some into an empty lip balm tub and regularly massage into the lips for soft pink lips this winder.

2. For chapped lips try a few drops of mustard oil drops in your naval.

3. Or for severely cracked or even bleeding lips, mix the juice of a tomato with the desi ghee to stop the bleeding and treat the dryness.


img scr= home-made-face-mask alt= home made face mask


1. Soak some tamarind root in water overnight, then grind and mix with a little gram flour. Apply to your face and neck and leave for a min 10 mins then wash off for a glowing complexion.

2. For tight pores mix cucumber juice with some besan to form a thick paste, apply to the face and neck and leave to dry before towelling off with a warm flannel.

3. For a quick and easy mask, rub a piece of papaya over your face and neck and leave for 15 mins before washing off, to instantly brighten dull skin. Then mix some almond oil with vitamin E cream and apply to hands and face before going to bed, to keep your skin soft and hydrated.



1. Regular exfoliating is key to great skin so to make an all over body scrub and use twice weekly- either by combining some sugar with honey or mix equal parts besan with corn flour and some water.

2. Again desi ghee is a great in-shower moisturiser, rub in all over and rinse off any excess.

3. Virgin coconut oil or coconut butter is another good moisturiser, which also provides a protective layer against the harsh winter weather.


img scr= indian-beauty-tips alt= indian-beauty-tips


1. To take care of ashy elbows and knees, cut a lemon or lime in half and rub the juice of it using the husk over your knees and elbows.

2. For a more intense moisturising treatment, make a paste of turmeric, and malai (homemade milk-cream), add 3-4 drops of basil leaf extract and apply to knees and elbows, then wrap in cling film and keep on overnight.


img scr= desi-beauty-blog-feet-treatment alt= desi beauty blog feet treatment


1. Firstly exfoliate your feet using half a lemon husk and it?s juice, rinse this off and dry. Then massage sesame oil into your feet, cover with socks and leave in overnight.

2. For cracked heels, mash together a ripe banana with half an avocado into a creamy paste, apply to your heels leave for 30 mins and wash off.

3. For an advanced therapy melt a plain paraffin candle (removing the wick) with some mustard oil in a pan and warm. Rub this mixture all over the feet and deep into any cracks. Allow to cool then cover with socks and leave in overnight.


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