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Indian Fashion Trend Alert – The Midriff And More…

Indian Fashion Trend Alert – The Midriff And More…

Finally Spring has arrived!

…And as you get ready to emerge from your fashion slumber and shed the unflattering winter layers, get ready to shed a little more as midriff baring fashion hits the stores in time for summer.

Now its hard not to give off a sense of smug satisfaction, as I say this but DUH!!! At last the rest of the world has caught up to what Indian fashion lovers have always known, that the midriff is too sexy to keep under wraps. It’s our most feminine feature, perfectly contouring the delicate curve between the rib and hip. Indian fashion is dedicated to celebrating the midriff, whilst the anarkali and suit fade in and out of fashion, the sari and the lengha choli, always remain en vogue. Perhaps this is because there are very few things that make us feel as feminine as a well fitted blouse or choli, which perfectly highlights the slim waist whilst the sari or lengha elongate the body.


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With a sari or lengha, we have the added comfort of a dupatta or paloo which can be draped over the torso to provide a little coverage. But this versatile summer trend can easily be incorporated into your western wardrobe too, whatever your comfort level. The more daring can go the whole hog and pair a cropped bandeau with a pair of sporty summer shorts or a flowing skirt ( light weight slouchy blazer optional). If you prefer more coverage opt for a slightly longer, A-line blouse which sits just above a pair of high-waisted palazzo pants, offering only a hint of midriff. Or dress it up with a cut-out blouse or bustier; a modern twist on an old classic.

From Midriff to Mumbai…

But the midriff is just the latest indian fashion trendmaking the cross-over. As India has opened its gates to international brands, the international fashion community is reciprocating by celebrating Indian fashion, once considered too garish and difficult to wear.

Drawing inspiration from classic garments such as lenghas, kurtas and saris, fashion heavyweights have been paying tribute to Indian fashion. The Spring/Summer 2013 collection from Marchessa is the latest to feature midriff baring sari-esque dresses and fluid chiffon lenghas . Christian Louboutin recently released a collection of shoes inspired by Bollywood featuring Rajasthani needlework. Marc Jacobs, for Louis Vuitton, released a limited edition collection of dresses made using vintage saris. In his Pre-Fall 2012 collection for Chanel, appropriately titled ?Paris-Bombay?, Lagerfeld littered the catwalk with lustrous silks, gilded laces, and clotted silver embroideries, reminiscent of a historic, royal-Rajasthani parade.





So Whether a nod or a hats-off, international fashion is turning its head toward the East and setting its sights on the rich, colourful heritage of India. And in a week where it was announced that Bollywood’s own Vidya Balan is to be a jury member at this years’ Cannes Film Festival (where four Bollywood films will also be premiering) we can only expect to see more Indian fashion trends finding their way into our western wardrobes.

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