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Gentlemen (and some brave ladies)- if you?re thinking about putting a ring on it this summer, here?s some fun and original ways of popping the question.

1. Do It By Drone (bonus toy included)

Tell your lady that you want to take her and your new drone down to the park for a test drive. Have a picnic packed and ready and the ring box tied to the drone. At the park, ask her to stand back whilst you lift off, then once you sense she?s starting to loose interest, have the drone land by her feet. By the time she?s untied the box be ready to get down on one knee.


2. She?s Gotta Really Hunt It

This isn?t the most original idea and if you suggest it, it will probably give the game away. So here?s what you do: collude with your love?s friends and stage it as though one of their boyfriend’s arranged it as a fun day for his girl and her pals. By the time they solve the last clue, you?ll be ready with a diamond prize. The surprise twist will floor your lady and you?ll have scored major brownie points with her besties.?


3. Just Busk?er Already!

Arrange for a busker to ad lib a proposal into ?your” song. After a romantic dinner at a convenient location, suggest an evening stroll- stopping by the busker who?s playing some of your lady?s favourite tunes. She’ll agree to stop a while and when ?your? song comes on you pull out the ring on cue.


4. Be Her Game-Knight

Arrange a game night with some friends or keep it intimate with just the two of you. For a boardgame choose Pictionnary, Articulate or Charades, make a clue-card which reads ?marry me? and discreetly insert it into her stack. She’ll act/draw or describe the phrase and as you guess correctly pull out the ring. If you can?t be bothered with photoshop, you can by puzzles which spell out a proposal for you.


5. Hop To It

This is a great idea for the young at heart. Commission a pavement (sidewalk) artist to create an elaborate hop scotch grid. Challenge your lady to a couple of rounds with a prize for the winner. Obviously you let her win and when she does you pop the question- she gets the prize.


6. Go With a Theme

Another chance to get your mates involved. Book a group trip to her favourite theme park- most of the big rides have a park camera which takes a photo of your carriage. Sit your gal at the front whilst you and your friends pull out pre-made cards spelling out a proposal. When you get off the ride and walk down to the photo booth, she?ll get a whole other rush!


7. Be Her Geek God

If your lady is into fan-fiction, there?s a range of ring-boxes in the shape of novelty memorabilia; a Quidditch snitch, a tardis, pokeball, you name it. Sometimes it?s the simple touches which will make the proposal unique.


8. A Sweet Ending

A candlelight dinner at her favourite restaurant is probably the first idea that will pop into your head. Rather than simply getting down on one knee or popping the ring in her champagne- print out a proposal beforehand and ask the waiter to present it in the dessert menu, that way you?ll keep her guessing till the end.


9. ?Ice Job!

Plan a bbq with your friends and family and insist on being in charge of the ice. Freeze the ring into an ice cube then once the party?s in full swing, make your lady her favourite cocktail with the ring cube. You?ll have a very happy fiancee with ice on her finger and a ready made engagement party.


10. An Open Air Affair

Cuddling up under the stars at an open air/ drive-in cinema, you?ll have a ready-made romantic atmosphere; all you need to do is pop the question. The luna cinema has details of outdoor screenings up and down the country this summer,?http://www.thelunacinema.com.


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