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Couture Sari – A Friend For All Seasons

?Couture Sari – A Friend For All Seasons


Couture SariShe?s sexy, graceful and effortlessly chic, and she?s been around forever, yet doesn?t age! By all accounts we should hate her, but here?s why the couture Sari is your best friend.

It?s wedding season once again; trepidation builds as you open your ?special? wardrobe?you know, the one you?ve commandeered from your husband?s already inequitable share so you can house your collection of Indian clothes. Before you know it, you?ve pulled on and discarded everything in there; the ?that don?t quite fit anymore, the Punjabi suits that just aren?t right for a cocktail reception and the lengha-cholis that push out the love handles. In no time at all your bedroom floor looks like day-one of a Harrods sale, only with enough colour to fill a Moroccan souk. Then you see her, unassuming, sitting to one side. It?s not that you?re ignoring her, you just know you can?t rush a reunion with her; all six precious meters of her have to be handled with care.? You take her down, neatly fold the pleats and drape her across your shoulder, and just like receiving a hug from an old friend, you know everything?s going to be alright.



Saris are timeless and if chosen carefully you could build a collection of heirlooms to pass down to future generations…





Year in year out, through the good years and the bad (and by that, I mean the gym years and the couch years) she?ll be there. The good years, you can afford to wear her a little lower and in the not-so-good, she?ll help you mask the extra couple of pounds. Whatever the weather, her style is infectious, instantly you stand taller, radiate confidence with every twirl and feel sexy and utterly feminine! With one last look in the mirror you can?t help but smile at your enduring friendship.

Saris are timeless and if chosen carefully you could build a collection of heirlooms to pass down to future generations. Here?s our guide to choosing the perfect sari:



1. Invest in quality sari fabric

As with all good wardrobe staples, quality is key. Invest a little more for a good quality fabric, it doesn?t have to be silk, but a natural fabric is always preferable. My Trousseau?s couture sari collection uses mostly medium weight silks such as 60gsm silk georgette or silk tulle (net) for medium to heavy embroideries. A silk chiffon is a good option for lighter weight embroideries and for adding textures such as rouching.

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2. Pay attention to embroidery

Many of us will buy an outfit based on the overall look. However, if the embroidery is already unraveling in the store, you can bet your Louboutin?s that sari won?t survive a couple of wears. Embroidery by its very nature is delicate, so a few inconsistencies are inherent, but take time to look at the stitching and run a light hand over the embroidery to see how it stands up to a little resistance. Also check the embroidery for discolouration (of the metallic material in particular) which can be an indication that substandard components have been used. The qualities of embroidery components vary greatly, My Trousseau use only original, quality materials in their couture sari collections which will ensure that their designs stand the test of time.

Close up embroidery


3. Pay attention to tailoring

How well a garment is crafted is an indicator of its lifespan, so take time to inspect the stitching. If care and attention has been paid to the stitching and finishing touches, it?s a safe bet that the garment on the whole has been well crafted. Also when placing an order for a couture sari, it?s always worth asking for a little extra fabric to be left inside the blouse, so that it can be let out in the future if necessary.



Experiment with the blouse

Whilst the sari is timeless, it?s important to enjoy the fashions of the day, the last thing you want when building a collection is a variety of saris, with virtually the same blouse in different colours, so don?t be afraid to experiment. My Trousseau?s couture sari collections are an experiment in cut and texture and even though a blouse may only be a half a meter of fabric in some cases, it can be manipulated into a work of art, adding another dimension to the sari.

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For your very own couture sari delve further into the world of My Trousseau, see couture collections… for further information.

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