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10 Essential Wedding Apps For The ‘Appy Couple..

10 Essential Wedding Apps For The ‘Appy Couple..

Undeniably the two biggest apps for any bride planning her nuptials are Pinterest and Instagram; perfect for bridal wear, inspiration and sourcing industry suppliers. But what other handy apps are available to make sure it’s smooth sailing for you and your fianc? all the way down the aisle? Here’s our list of top 10 essential apps for every ‘appy couple…


I WEDDING DELUXE (Planning) £2.99- rating 5/5

Planning your wedding day and in the case of most South Asian cultures wedding daysss can be a mammoth task, so how about a nifty little planner that lives in your purse and is on call 24 hours a day? Not necessarily the sleekest looking of all the planning apps out there, but by all accounts; reliable, user friendly and if the reviews are to be believed, a necessity. Features include: to-do lists; automatic and manual budgeting; automatic updates to guest lists; live wedding day countdown; seating plans; the list goes on…(Cheaper alternative; The Ultimate Wedding App by Sarah Hyland; ?1.99- rating 3/5).


COZI FAMILY ORGANIZER (Organiser) Free- rating 5/5

With this crap cutting app, just synchronise your calendar with your fiance’s and he’ll never be able to miss another wedding appointment again. No more – “but…you didn’t tell me / I forgot! Now it’s too late/ I’ve double-booked footy with the lads and they can’t play one man down!”. As a bonus, it’s also great to sync meetings and fittings with your bridesmaids.


LIVESTREAM (Streaming) Free- rating 4/5

For all those guests who’d love to be there, but can’t make it- now they can watch the ceremony and even the festivities from wherever they are in the world, with this live streaming app. And when regret of missing out on such a?spectacular wedding?gets?too much, your virtual guests can just hit the off switch.


CITY MAPS TO GO (Honeymoon) Free- rating 5/5

With all the stress of planning a wedding, wouldn’t it be great if you could just leave the honeymoon sightseeing schedule till after? With this app that’s exactly what you can do and it’s offline capabilities mean it won’t cost you a fortune in roaming charges! This mobile global travel guide features; insider tips for an authentic experience; restaurant reviews; recommendations; offline maps; attractions; places of interest and more.


MY FITNESS PAL (Personal prep) Free- rating 4/5

The most obvious use for this app is as a safeguard to make sure you don’t stress eat your way out of your wedding dress. On the flip side, it’s also useful for brides who need to make sure they’re getting enough nutrition so they don’t burn out before the big day. The last thing you want is to have an emergency alteration to your custom-designed strapless gown because it won’t stay up!


TRIPIT (Honeymoon) Free- rating 4.5/5

A logistical genie for Honeymooners; another travel essential. All your tickets, bookings and confirmations in one place with an automated itinerary. Before you throw your travel wallets in the trash, you still need something to carry your passports in, but I’m sure there’ll be an app to take care of that before too long anyway.


WEDDING DJ (Music) £5.49- Unrated

A great app for any party, but essential for South Asian weddings; with all those people during all those days of festivities there’s guaranteed to be lots of dancing and not always an actual DJ to hand, but don’t worry Wedding DJ’s got you covered. Features include; a music plan; fades/ cross fades between songs; offline capability and it even takes requests! As far as apps go it’s fairly expensive so as an alternative there’s Spotify, which is free but doesn’t have many of the features of WD. Whilst the latest version has no ratings, previous reviews have given it an average 5/5.


WEDPICS WEDDING APP (Photography) FREE- rating 5/5

Your official photographer won’t be able to catch everything at your wedding/ engagement/ pre-wedding functions- but now your guests can! And what’s more they can upload the pics and videos instantly to your personalised wedding album. Another wedding essential.


COLOUR VIEW FINDER (Colour scheme) Free- Unrated

No more swatches/ colour-cards or hours spent agonising over you colour scheme! Just take a picture of anything that catches your eye, say a beautiful bunch of flowers or a dusky sunset, and let this nifty little app identify the colours for you. Inspiration for your colour scheme is literally that simple. Current version unrated, but almost all previous reviewers gave it 5/5.


WEDDING UK (Supplier directory) Free- Unrated

Strictly speaking this is a complete planning app, but I think the I Wedding Deluxe app’s got you covered in that department. Instead why not ?use Wedding UK as wedding?directory for industry suppliers in your area or upto 100 miles away. This could be a handy app to have to hand in case of wedding related emergencies. Again no current ratings but previous reviews give it 5/5.

As machines continue to take over the world I’m sure there’ll be many more apps to add to the list but for now- ‘appy downloading!

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