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Wedding Photography Ideas



South Asian weddings are nothing if not big! The festivities usually span out over the course of a week, culminating in the wedding day itself and involve many hundreds of people and a lot of fun. Naturally you?ll want your photographers to capture all the best moments, so here are 10 tips on how to get the most out of your wedding photography.

1. Most wedding photography packages come with a pre-wedding/ engagement shoot included. If not, it would be a good idea to have one so that you can develop a rapport with the photographer and get comfortable being in front of the camera ahead of the big day.

2. As Instagram has proven, posing for pictures is an art, so make sure you figure out how to best position your face and body and then practise till it looks natural. Here are some helpful guides

3. If possible hire a photographer that has experience shooting weddings with your cultural/ religious background, this way they?ll be aware of which customs, ceremonies, details, etc. are important to capture on film and the etiquettes surrounding them. If you go with a photographer who doesn?t have that much experience make sure to take the time to educate them on these things to get the most out of their photography.

4. With South Asian weddings there are so many guests, it?s hard for photographers to cypher the VIPs from the rest of the guests. Put together a list of close friends and family with recent photos (easily downloaded from their social media) of each person to give to the photographer ahead of time so s/he can familiarise himself with key people.

5. If possible keep the same photography team for all the pre-wedding parties and the wedding day itself. This will give your close friends and family the opportunity to build a rapport with the photographer and relax in front of the camera, making for great candid shots.

6. It?s a generally a good idea to print out a detailed schedule for the wedding day so that suppliers know where they?re supposed to be and when, especially the photographer who?ll want to be at each location in advance of everyone else to make sure (s)he doesn?t miss a thing. You?ll want to stick as close as possible to the schedule on the day, but make sure to build in some buffers to allow for delays.

7. Make a separate schedule for the friends and family portrait pictures and make sure those involved are aware of what time their photograph is scheduled. To make sure there?s no waiting around on the day, appoint a member from each the bridal and groom?s parties to round up people according to the schedule.

8. Minimise the number of family/ friends? portraits to the important ones, otherwise you will eat into your own wedding day.

9. Trust the photographer, his/ her only job on the day is to make sure they capture the magic of your big day, whereas your focus will be all over the place. Give the photographer a full briefing beforehand and then give

him/her free reign on the day, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

10. Keep your photographer(s) and their assistants fed and watered- as with anybody, if they?re hungry they won?t be able concentrate, which will most likely affect the quality of their work.

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