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Wedding Survival Kit



The happiest day of your life! You?ve planned and prepped for this day for months- everything is set up for the perfect day. But as any bride will testify something or many small things are bound to go wrong. Rather than freaking out on your nearest and dearest on the day, plan for this eventuality with a wedding survival kit- here?s a list of 30 essential items to pack into an easily accessible emergency kit and entrust to the care of a chief bridesmaid?

    1. ANAESTHETIC SPRAY– Bridal shoes are some of the most uncomfortable you?ll ever wear- use a mild anaesthetic cream?or spray on your feet and you?ll be able to glide through the day with minimum pain.


    1. EMERGENCY SEWING KIT– Hopefully you will have gone for a well made, well fitted bridal dress for your big day, so this shouldn?t be needed- however, accidents/ emergencies do arise and the last thing you want on your wedding day is to be falling apart at the seams with no recourse.


    1. VASELINE– Has multiple applications in life generally, but for your emergency bridal kit use Vaseline to rub on areas where there?s chaffing, for example where embroidery is irritating the skin or where shoes rub; dab some on pulse points before you spray perfume to make the scent last longer; use it to get bangles on or off at the end of the night, etc.?




    1. EYELASH GLUE– Another multi-app essential, eyelash glue can be a quick fix for bindi repair, eyelash repair and a few well-placed drops can keep your maang tikka and nath firmly in place.


    1. PERFUME- Pick up a purse size bottle of the perfume you?re planning on wearing on the big day.


    1. Q TIPS– To touch-up makeup smudges and remove mascara gloop from the corner of our eyes, we all have it -nobody likes it and nobody wants to see it in the wedding pics.


    1. OIL ABSORBING/ BLOTTING SHEETS– From the ceremony(s) to the reception you will be the focus of attention; between dancing, mingling with guests and taking photos, you?ll want to look flawless all the while, so keep some blotting paper handy for an instant freshening.




    1. BODY TAPE– Necklines, in particular deep/wide necklines can not only be fiddly they can be a wardrobe malfunction risk, which is why body tape is a wedding day essential- keep everything neatly tucked away, invisibly and with minimal fuss.


    1. EYE DROPS– Most of us aren?t used to wearing heavy bridal makeup- eye drops will provide a welcome relief when the eye makeup starts to feel heavy and our eyes itchy. Plus, with weddings come tears- a few eye drops after the ceremony will keep the puffy down for party-time.


    1. EXTRA EARRING BACKS– Real or costume, Indian jewellery weighs a ton and the earrings usually have trouble staying put, so carry some extra backs in case the originals pop off.


    1. CLEAR MASCARA– No doubt some stray hairs will come out of place during the day- clear mascara acts as a heavy-duty hair spray to ensure they don?t get out of hand. Plus it?s can be used to tame any unruly eyebrow hairs.


    1. GRANOLA BAR/ HEALTHY SLOW ENERGY RELEASING SNACK– You?ll either be too nervous of forget to eat to much at the beginning of the day, but at some point you?ll realise you?re starving which is when a granola bar will come in handy to keep you ticking between meal opportunities.


    1. COMB.


    1. SUPER GLUE– Another essential item with multiple uses; from re-sticking loose stones from jewellery or embroidery, to sticking broken heels back on shoes- better to be safe than sorry.


    1. SAFETY PINS– A Indian wedding necessity, cannot understate how much you?ll need these- you can never have enough and there?s always at least three people who?ll ask if they can borrow some.


    1. HAIRBANDS– At the end of the night, you?ll want to scrap back than teased and quaffed mane, the last thing you?ll want is to have to dig through you?re luggage for one.


    1. STAIN REMOVER PEN– Indian weddings means Indian foods with Indian colours which equals potential disaster round every corner, be prepared with a spot removal pen like this organic formula from the Vitamin Grocer?




    1. PARACETAMOL– With all the weight you?ll be carrying around on your head during the day (bridal dupatta, hairpieces, an army of bobby pins, maang tikka and other accessories) you?ll probably need some pill-sized relief at some point during the day.


    1. DRY SHAMPOO– Is a necessity, especially if you?re changing from an up-do from the morning ceremonies to hair-down for the reception, to put the volume back in your mane and keep it looking fresh till you?re ready to hang up your heels.


    1. ANTACID TABLETS ? With everything that?ll be going on, may not eat until the later in the day when you?ll probably eat faster than you should, in which case, this you?ll be glad you packed some Gaviscon double action tablets for example.




    1. EMERY BOARD– There?s nothing worse for a fine silk fabric than snagging on a fingernail- keep an emery board on you to keep your claws in check.


    1. FLATS FOR THE END OF THE NIGHT– Your feet will thank you.


    1. SMELLING SALTS– Fainting. You rarely hear of it nowadays, but it still happens especially at summer weddings. Nobody least of all, the bride wants to end up flat on her face but if she does she?ll want something to bring her round quick.


    1. BANDAIDS.


    1. SUDO CREAM– With weddings, especially Indian weddings there?s always a lot going on- keep Sudo cream to hand for any cuts, scrapes, or burns, if you ever need it, you?ll be glad you packed it.


  1. FABRIC TAPE– An easy-to-use, self-adhesive fabric tape can be used for any last minute tailoring emergencies.

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